Adventure Walk

Adventure walks are an exciting way to give your pup the chance to explore new places at their own pace. The act of sniffing and exploring allows your pup to engage their mind, body, and all of their senses, which burns energy, relieves anxiety, and is excellent for both their physical and mental health. 

Your pup will be picked up from your home and brought to a local serene setting where they can explore and sniff to their heart’s — and nose’s — content! And when the adventure is over, your pup will be returned home happy, relaxed, and likely ready for a nap! My favorite location for adventure walks is a private pond and section of woods nestled along Bayou Chinchuba in Mandeville, but I also frequent Northlake Nature Center and a few other local spots. 

Adventure Walks are available for up to two pups from the same household in 30, 45, and 60-minute sessions (the session timer starts when we reach the Adventure Walk destination). Owners will receive an update and photos after each Adventure Walk. 


Please click the link below for additional information and policies regarding Adventure Walks. 



30 minute walk


45 minute walk


60 minute walk


Each Additional Dog