Exclusive Dog Boarding

Pups that board with me stay in a calming home environment with no other dogs around competing for resources or attention. Since I only board one client’s pup/s at a time, I am able to provide truly individualized care and ensure each pup’s comfort and safety during their stay with me. Exclusive Boarding is perfect for anxious pups, medically complex pups that require multiple medications and supplements throughout the day, and pups that cannot be around other dogs or housed in a communal setting for a variety of reasons. Crates are never used unless requested and provided by the owner. And, unlike most veterinary practices and boarding facilities, I’m home during the night so owners can rest assured that any special needs their pups may have will be met whenever they arise. 

Boarding pups are brought on daily walks near my home and they also get supervised off-leash time in my fenced yard for potty breaks as needed throughout the day. And when pups board with me for a week or more, they are entitled to one complimentary Adventure Walk — with their owner’s consent, of course. My favorite spot is a private pond near Bayou Chinchuba, but I also like to walk the trails at Northlake Nature Center and other local trails. (Adventure Walks are also available as an add-on purchase for pups boarding less than a week.) Owners can expect a progress report and photos toward the end of each day. 

Please note: Because I don’t use cages or crates, boarding pups must be 100% house-trained. This means they don’t scent-mark with urine or have potty accidents inside and don’t engage in destructive behaviors such as chewing on household items, scratching doors or walls, or tearing up furniture/upholstery. Boarding dogs must also be at least 12 months old, free of parasites, and current on flea & tick prevention. 


Please click the link below for additional information and policies regarding Exclusive Boarding. 



1 dog per calender day


2 dogs per calender day


3 dogs per calender day


After hours drop off/pickup - 8:00pm thru 8:00am


Holiday Rate:
New Year's Day, Mardi Gras Day, Easter Sunday, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, & New Year's Eve